Pattern Interrupt: A Persuasion Strategy

I was speaking to a lady the other day and noticed somethings…

Her eyes rolled up every time she wanted to relive her last relationship experience

We were having a conversation

When her eyes eventually came back to mine, it was tear filled

More words and tears will come pouring down.

She had come to me for counsel but…

Was constantly returning to a state that I didn’t like

This lady, let’s call her Yinka, and I had been friends for a while.

She trusted my judgment

And she had come around to here what wisdom I had to share.

But every time I said something that I felt could make sense, her eyes would roll up and she would return back to that state.

*State* is everything

*State Management* is an essential skill for personal mastery and Leadership.

Her state wasn’t *it*

It reflected in her *tonality*

It reflected in her *language pattern*

It reflected in her *body language and physiology*

She had come for help but I wasn’t seemingly getting results

I had to act fast.

Our *state* comprises of our *Tonality* , *Language Pattern* and *Physiology*

Our *state* is also a product of our *focus*

What you *focus* on expands.

What you focus on multiplies

Where there’s focus there’s energy.

My mentor Tony Robbins will say, “Where focus goes, energy flows”

This energy can sometimes be negative energy

Yinka had negative energy.

She was slipping into depression.

Here physiology was wrong. Her tone was bad. Her words were bad. And her focus was wrong.

I did something *radical*

In *NeuroLinguistic Programming* (NLP). It’s called *Pattern Interrupt*

I stood up from my sit, while she was talking, pinched her arm and squeezed her nose.

She was in shock!

Her face moved from emotional brokeness to WTF look

Then with a firm face, I said, “Your hair is quite nice. Where did you do it?”

Then her face became confused.

She then burst into laughter.

She didn’t know what to feel know…

From emotional depression to laughter – all in a few seconds!

“Yinka, so you can laugh, abi?”

She just said, “You are funny o”

I had just *interrupted her pattern*

In NLP it is a powerful way to break a person state.

In NLP it is a powerful way to break a person state.

What I did was simple…

I did the following..

I manipulated her a *physiology*. I interrupted it.

I interrupted her pattern by pinching her and squeezing her nose.

Her *focus* also changed

Now, there are rules to *pattern interruption*.

The first rule is that you must have established or gained a certain level of *rapport* with the person before you make that move.

*Pattern Interupts* help to quickly change *states* .

If you do a pattern interrupt long enough you can change a memory.

Actually, the concept is deep and can be studied.

Ice Breakers in Public Speaking is a Pattern Interrupt

My public speaking students don’t just start speaking…

They interrupt the existing pattern in the audience

To overcome Stage Fright you will need to identify the *Pattern*

There’s a pattern in every thing you do.

There is neurological pattern.

Even your unconscious habits have a pattern.

To be skilled, you first want to do *Pattern Identification*

What physiological patterns put you in a state of fear?

You know *fear is in your body,* don’t you?

All our emotions and emotional patterns are expressed in your body language

As a matter of fact, your body language is your emotions.

So just looking at the way…

You move your body

The angle of your head

Your breathing pattern

Your muscle tension

The redness and paleness of your skin.

Your facial expressions.

The movement of your eyes.

NLP says there’s no mind. There’s no body

Mind and Body are one.

What touches your mind. Touches your body.

The greatest leverage you have over your mind is the movement of your body, and vice versa

So your duty is to *identify patterns*

It’s called *pattern identification*

Physiological patterns.

Focus patterns

Tonal Patterns

Language Patterns.

You can do this pattern identification on yourself or on others, whether singularly or in a group.

Once you identify, you interrupt

After *Pattern Identification*, you go on to *pattern interruption*

I have an audio by Chris Howard and a Video by Mike Sweets that will help you understand *Pattern Interupts* and how to use it.

I will upload it here if I have up to 30 ✋🏿

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