Network Marketing is My Retirement Plan

So I was having a drink with a Banker friend of mine at Emeralds Lounge in Uyo when he asked, “So George, what’s your retirement plan?”

“Huh?” My eyes went up and I went into a brief 3 seconds reflective trance.

“I mean your retirement plan. What’s your retirement plan?” He repeated. “Or haven’t you thought about it?”

My eyes came lower and I looked him straight in the eye and told him, “Network Marketing”

I had thought about it.

I could see a certain level of surprise in his look. I am almost certain his ‘jaw dropped’ in flabbergast. “Network Marketing?”

I knew what he was thinking. He was thinking I would talk about a pension scheme I was involved in or a pension company I had signed up with. So I had to educate him, howbeit he being a banker.

“Pension Plans with Government or with certain organizations are good. Yet we have heard of recent developments where there’s been issues with people’s pensions. Haven’t we?

“There’s a Higher level of thinking, a paradigm shift thinking that sets you up for not just your pension but for your next generation.

“Pension thinking is a limited thinking. Transgenerational thinking is a superior and higher thinking.

“And a Superior and higher pension plan that you can engage is network marketing. And I will tell you how.

” You see for a pastor his pension plan is his church organization.(lol). For some others having an institution like a school is their pension plan(and even their transgenerational plan)

“Network Marketing can be a Pension/transgenerational plan too. It’s mine.

“I am involved in this MLM company that’s 30+ years old. They have health, domestic and consumeable products that are fantastic. In this business you can grow to certain rank AND NEVER work again in the business yet earn not less than N3 million monthly for the rest of your life. The transgenerational plan is that you can hand over the business to your next generation ”

At this point my banker friend was now dazed.

“Tell me more”, he said.

“Well a few things I must say. In choosing a Network Marketing Company that will be your ‘pension plan’ or transgenerational plan make sure the company is not less than 20 years old. Second, make sure that company has products. Not just a product but a range of products. Service MLM companies have been known not to last.

“It’s better to pick an organization with multiple products, not just one. Their products should be consumables with high repeat order frequency. While supplements are fine yet not many people dig an ONLY supplements MLM company. That plus domestic products are fine.

“In picking an MLM company for your retirement plan, choose Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian or Arab companies. Most of these Asian companies are designed to last for at least 100 years. It’s in their company philosophy.

“American companies are good. Their products are good too. Yet most of them don’t have compensation plans that are friendly to Africans. Their compensation plans are usually rigid and not very flexible.”

My banker friend took a reflective sip of his drink then said to me, “You seem to know so much about MLM”

“Why shouldn’t I?” I laughed. “It’s my retirement and transgenerational plan! And that’s why I do network marketing for the long haul. I am not so much in a hurry. I am building a sky scrapper, not a bungalow.”

We laughed together.


We sipped our drinks together. Almost at the same time.

Then my banker friend said, “George, tell me about this your Network Marketing Company”

3 thoughts on “Network Marketing is My Retirement Plan

  1. I can’t agree less, George.
    People are yet to accept the reality, which is the fact that Network marketing is the way to go.
    Thanks again, for this script.

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