Influence Is Subtle

We are products of influences. Everyone subscribes to at least a school of thought.

Exposure, light or heavy, determines to what degree we are influenced.

What are you exposing yourself to? What are you listening to? What are you seeing? Reading? Meditating and digesting?

Our exposure shapes our thinking. And our thinking is our living.

Words never come to you on their own. They come with it emotions and visions. Words travel to our hearts with a spirit. No word is said without a meaning, an emotion, a picture or an influence (spirit).

Words never leave our mouths alone. They fly with emotions and optics . When they arrive the mind they establish themselves.

Learning Persuasion isn’t just about speaking. It’s also about raising your guards. It’s about raising fences in your mind. It’s about seiving. It’s about screen guarding.

That’s why I am putting up the Persuasion MasterClass. I want to reveal the biggest secrets of persuasion to you so that you know how to guard yourself from manipulative persuaders and use that power to influence people positively.

It’s the secret of the ages.

Many charlatans use it today.

Knowledge of it takes away the sting of it. And puts power in your hands.

Register now for the Persuasion MasterClass.

I am doing a give away price offer. N2,000. And it comes with money BACK gaurantee sef. You have nothing to lose.

Plus you get to have my best selling ebook and audio SPEECH POWER worth N5K.

And 5 powerful audio materials on Persuasion done by me.

I also get to open your minds to NLP and a concept called Persuasion Technology.

Make payment of N2,000 to Learn And Earn Ventures. Polaris Bank. 4070002413. Once done send proof of payment to 08187133153

You will be added to a special WhatsApp group for the Persuasion MasterClass.

Still need more details or want to ask questions? Join this group and get details


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