Life is a Giant Scheming Court

It was Robert Greene that brought this to our notice in his best selling book, The 48 Laws Of Power.

You are either the schemed or the schemer. The charmed or the charmer. There is no middle ground.

You are either the persuader or the persuaded. You are either the buyer or the seller. The influenced or the influencer.

Either way you would have to find your place in Life’s scheming court.

When we refer to scheming, have no idea of just evil manipulation. For Selling, pitching, networking, negotiating are all schemes. And we do it every day!

And by the way, there’s nothing bad in being influenced or persuaded, especially if the influence is for your good and growth.

Just that you need to have a certain level of awareness and knowledge on how much of the influence you should permit or allow in your life.

Get good at persuading.
Know, at least, how to counter manipulative persuaders.

And yes I can show you how.

I have been teaching a module I called Persuasion Technology for the past 14 years. It’s the hybrid version NLP that focuses principally on Effective Communications.

Let me specially invite you to an Online MasterClass with the focus: 11 WAYS PERSUADE TO ANYONE (Platform Influence & Delivery).

NOTICE : This MasterClass is not for EVERYONE. Very few can handle this level of knowledge.

Date: 29th June, 2019.
Time: 8pm.

Hello, my name is George Essien. People consider me as Nigeria’s number 1 peak performance consultant.

Persuasion and Peak Performance are my core areas of expertise.

I help organizations and individuals reach peak performance, show them how to communicate so effectively that they sell their products and service FASTER and better.

I learned PERSUASION from a concept called NLP.

I first encountered NLP, what’s called NeuroLinguistic Programming, in 2005 and I took serious interest in it.

I also did intensive and extensive studies on ericksonian hypnosis and Gestalt. I have undertaken numerous NLP trainings and I am the first in Nigeria to be certified Peak Performance Consultant.

For more than 14 years, I have been helping hundreds, if not thousands of people, use PERSUASION to become a lot more influential, achieve FASTER results, and become the best they can be in their personal and professional life.

These are the following areas I will cover.

1. 11 ways to persuade anyone whether one on one or before an audience.

2. 4 Ways to counter Manipulative Persuaders

3. How to use the eyes to evaluate people.

4. The powerful concept of mirroring, how to use it to get what you want.

5. Reframing, how to use reframes to get people to follow you and buy into your ideas

6. 6 different Kinds of Questions that can help you get what you want.

7. Anchoring. How to use touch, sounds and words to influence people.

8. 6 kinds of people you will meet in the market place and how to deal with them

9. Conflict resolution & peace PERSUASION strategies.

10. Milton & Meta Model – how stories, metaphors and ambiguities put people in trance and how specificity can break one free from trance inducing words.

11. How to deliver great speeches and pitches and get sales or deliver amazing platform performance.

You will become a better seller, leader, parent, public speaker, pastor, teacher and entrepreneur..

Access Fee: N2,000.
Learn And Earn Ventures. Polaris Bank. 4070002413

Next time this is done the price will be higher. It’s basically to give people a chance to learn about Persuasion & NLP.

Venue: A special WhatsApp group.

You will have access to videos, links, websites, audio.

First 50 people who sign up will get my special audio that’s sold at N5k and has generated me millions of Naira. SPEECH POWER.

You will also have access to my 30 minutes video on Persuasion.

Access Fee is: N2,000.
Pay to Learn And Earn Ventures. Polaris Bank. 4070002413.

Once done send evidence of payment to 08187133153(WhatsApp)

To ask more questions and to know more about the class enter this WhatsApp group.
See you there.


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