The Importance Of Training Your Network Marketing Team and Tips on How to Do It

Although you probably know the importance of training your team and how it helps grow your business, like many people, you likely stumble on occasion when it comes to putting together that rockstar team. Below are some pointers to train your team and create momentum.

*Be Coachable Yourself*

If you want to be a leader, you have to follow one first and be coachable yourself. Find the leaders in your Network Marketing business or in the industry in general and listen to and implement what they are teaching. Your upline leaders are here so you can succeed, so be sure to take advantage of this very valuable resource so you can turn around and help your team.

*Never Stop Recruiting*

Too often people will recruit a few downline members and stop recruiting so they can help them get going. This is fine for a very short while to ensure your new members are off to a good start, however it can be too easy to fall into ‘management mode’ where you are not building your business. Set an example to your team by continuously sponsoring new people. Always be actively talking with people and looking for new potential team members. Your downline is the lifeblood of your network marketing business so never stop recruiting.

*Continue Communication*

Create a specific email list for your team only to keep them up-to-date on webinars, trainings or company products. This will do wonders for your business since many times, sponsors will bring new people in, but not reach out to these people once they have joined.

*Don’t Focus on the Wrong People*

Once you have trained your team and they are rocking their business, don’t stop supporting them. Often, it is at this point that many sponsors assume their rockstar team members have it under control and will focus all their attention on the ones who ‘seem to need more help’. However, usually it is because they are not taking any action. They are disengaged and if you focus too much of your time and effort on them, you will drain your own motivation since they are unlikely to do anything for themselves anyway. Work with people who show initiative and you will begin to build some serious momentum which is when breakthroughs happen.

*Provide a Training Center*

Nobody ever said that you have to teach your team everything. In reality, you really don’t have to teach them a thing. Just provide them with a training center of some type and you are good to go. This type of training center should include training such as ‘getting started training’, prospecting, recruiting, online and offline marketing strategies and more. Once you have a training center set up, you free yourself up to what really grows your Network Marketing business; prospecting and recruiting. Because we all know that without prospecting and recruiting, you have no team and your team is your foundation to a thriving business.


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