The Truly Rich Don’t Show Off


We had not seen in 20 years. God has been kind to me. When I saw him at the hotel lobby, he was looking simple. He wore a faded Ankara. I felt touched. I caught up with him. We exchanged contact details.

He called for his car. It looked old. I thought to drop him in my brand new Range Rover. I invited him for lunch in my house. A part of me wanted him to see my success. Another to discuss opportunities.

We drove to Parkview. He looked impressed with my home. I had taken a heavy mortgage. In fact I was heavily leveraged. We had lunch. I asked how I could help. He said he was fine. He smiled.

He told me he would invite me over soon. His old car came for him. I was grateful to God. Fingers are not equal. I was lucky.

Two weeks later, we went to see him in Ikeja. We saw the Estate. Wuraola Estate. We asked for directions to his home. They spoke his name with deference.

It was a lovely simple elegant home. I saw cars parked. We entered. Simply elegant with a taste of class.

Lunch was well served. His wife called him Baba Wuraola. A bell rang. During lunch, he asked about my MD. He said they were friends.

I saw a company gift on his table. That company owned about 35% shares where I worked. I enquired. He smiled. He told me he owned the company. He also owned the estate.

I did not know when I called him sir. I had learnt a lesson in humility. A big one. Appearances are deceptive. He noticed my discomfort.

Driving back home, I was quiet. *I looked at myself. Living on loans! Life!*

– Ademola H Adigun


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