Always Have An Open Mind

I drove into to the parking lot of my house when the lady neighbor from the next flat walked towards me. She wanted to drive out but she felt she should share a few house related things with me.

“Good evening o”. I said. The only time I get to meet this dark beauty is in the evening when I am arriving from work and she’s pulling out.

She responded, “Good evening o”.
We Nigerians must add ‘o’ after every greeting.

By now she was at the window of my car and I could smell her designers perfume.

She wanted to talk about the amount we will all be paying the new woman who would be cleaning the entire compound.

The conversation lasted 2 minutes max. Then as she was about to leave, I switched into business. I had, prior to this time, never engaged her longer

“How’s your business?”

“Fine o”, she said with a smile.

She runs a restaurant in Uyo and has more customers in the night than she has in the day.

“I wanted to come with my lady friend to discuss a certain business with you.” I began to say. “When are you free?”

“Just call me and I will create time”, she replied.
Then she added, ” What’s the business all about?”

“Do you know about MLM or network marketing?”

“Yes”,she said

Then she told me something I would remember in a very long time.

She said, ” Well our star is not the same. For some people it’s network marketing. For some others it is traditional business. Some people do network marketing and never get to make it, at best they are average. And then they do other businesses and succeed. Some others do Network marketing and succeed greatly.”

Her thoughts struck me.

Actually it was her thinking pattern, her paradigm, her blue-print of the world, was what got at me. It occurred to me that so many people have those kind of thoughts.

So here’s how I responded.

“Ya, to a large extent I believe in your ‘everyones star is different ‘ theory. Yet how would you know that, as in this case, network marketing is not where your star is? How do you ascertain that if you don’t try out things or have the open mind to engage opportunity irrespective of where it is from?” Then I told her a story, “A few years ago, a dear friend invited me for an opportunity meeting. I knew it was MLM and I resisted it. I told him that I was not interested. Then he said something striking that I should learn to approach things with an open mind. I went for that meeting reluctantly with my wife. At that meeting, when I listened to the speaker, a spark of inspiration came to me. I saw the opportunity. In 6 months I grossed N5 million from that business. As a matter of fact all of us in my team shared a profit of N32 million with me earning N5 million.So that is how life is.”

I could see that my answer had reset her thinking. And literally opened up her mind


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