Making Your First Million

The picture below is me aged 25, sometime in December 2007, a few days after I had made my first million. I can still remember how I felt.
I was really excited.

I was elated because I made my first million from training. And I made it in Uyo, a civil service/political state capital in orientation.

The other day I was driving with a beautiful 39 year old lady along Ikpa road, Uyo when I asked her the question, ” Have you made your first one million?”. She is a very intelligent and business savvy lady. But her answer came as a surprise. She said, “No”.

I knew that she had counted a million before but I also knew she knew I was referring to having a million net.

From that day onwards I started asking young startups and talented people whether they had made their first million. And again and again a lot of them sincerely told me no.

I usually often wonder what some people’s fuss are about. They claim to be this and that but they really haven’t made their first million (net)! They’d make so much noise on social media and yet no shishi.

No, I am not talking about money gotten from politics. Y’all know my stand on that. I give no regard to any politician who cannot explain his source of wealth outside of politics. I am talking about money made from your business, your creativity, your talent, your taking advantage of opportunities that are ethical.

If you are 25 and you are reading this I want you to realize that you can make your first million legitimately. And you should. You should plan it deliberately. Financial success doesn’t come by accident. It’s intentional. You plan it through.

At 25 I was already living on my own. At 26 I registered my training business. At 32, I made my first N10 million from that same training business.

Interestingly, I don’t come from a rich home. I often tell people who care to listen that I am a regular guy. So if I can do it, anyone who believes and uses the right strategy can.

I want you right now to make up your mind to make your first million. Let me tell you why. The moment you do, it is easier to make your next and your next.

To make this to happen, you need the right vehicle and I can show you how.

You most likely will make money from 4 areas. You need to know these areas because they are vehicles. And then you need to master the strategy to drive this vehicles. You also need to understand the place of a robust psychology in wealth acquisition.

PS: often times we confuse wealth for ostentatiousness or flamboyance. I respect my Ibo brothers. A lot of them can be walking the streets with you but have millions in their accounts and you would not know. They drive simple cars and will only build a palatial house in their village. I really love that model. I have adopted it myself. A truly wealthy person doesn’t necessarily display his wealth. *Of course there are exceptions.

Let’s talk more on WhatsApp +23487133153. There are a few ideas I can show you.


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