public speaking 2

First of all, let me make this clear: Public Speaking is not Diction class. Don’t mix the two up. Public Speaking is majorly about persuasion, and is not dependent on the kind of language you are using.

Often in my class, I tell my students that audience analysis is key and vital. If , for whatever reason, you encounter semi-illiterates and have to do a presentation to them, your best bet in speaking will be pidgin English. Yes!

At the end of the day public speaking or effective communication is about connection, not perfect English. And besides there are so many quacks out there who claim to be diction instructors. You can not speak English better than the British. The best you will ever do is speak the best sophisticated Nigerian English you can. So be smart.

At Podium Dynamics Academy we teach diction but not as much as we teach developing confidence, speech writing and preparation, ice breakers, great openers and closes, vocal variety and body language, platform presence and persuasion. We teach public speaking for the work and market place. We teach public speaking as it relates to growing your influence and impact

This holiday I would like you to master PUBLIC SPEAKING at the school I am privileged to found, Podium Dynamics Academy.We are slashing the fees from N25,000 to N10,000 just for this holiday. I would take advantage of this if I were you.

Date: August 1 – September 14, 2018. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Time: 3pm Each day.

Venue: Podium Dynamics Academy 54 Itiam Street, Off NEPA Line, Uyo.

Registration form: N2,000
Course Fee: N10,000
Certificate: N3,000(Optional).

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