hopeAs we approach 2019, Nigeria’s elections, we can only hope and pray and do our best to vote for our man.

We can only hope that our politicians will not be so power hungry that they refuse to allow a free and fair election come 2019.

While I will certainly not cast my votes for Buhari in 2019 because I believe he has done a very bad job in the last 3 years, it is almost certain he would most likely win. He seems to be playing his political cards well.

His witch hunting strategy of his opponents, ‘body language’ attack on the senate, and now his courting the Yorubas by making June 12 the new Democracy day for Nigeria as opposed to the Obasanjo’s May 29 Democracy day is legendary.

He is plotting well.

Also the PDP are still undecided on their presidential candidate. I would have preferred that they give Atiku their full support; for he is the only one who can give Buhari a real run for his money. But I hear that they may be considering other options, falling to the APC hypnotic narrative an ‘anti-corruption’ president.

For other parties dancing around the Nigerian political landscape, I think they are jokers. They may have some decent personalities but have not put to cognizance, structure and systems. Only PDP and APC have an wholistic and National structure to canvass for and win votes across the length and breath of Nigeria.

In December, 2014, I posted an article titled : LEST WE VOTE IN AN ILLITERATE. It was a very harsh title. Yet the idea was to say that Nigeria’s solution will be birthed by intelligence, not just supposed integrity in 2015. We are in 2018, and I seem to be right.

We can only hope and pray.

And get our PVC

And vote.

And hope that our man wins.hope 2hope 3


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