IMG-20180530-WA0025I first came across Neurolinguistic Programming(NLP) in 2005. I was reading Anthony Robbins book Unlimited Power when I came across this body of knowledge. For those who know Tony Robbins, you will agree with me that he is probably the most successful NLPer since its creation in 1975. Now at that time, I couldn’t think of any person teaching this body of knowledge in Nigeria. So I went online to search for materials. Thank God for google. Eventually, I paid for and did Chris Howard’s NLP program, which I think is one of the most comprehensive teaching on the subject of NLP. That program helped me fully understand some critical areas of NLP, including The Hierarchy Of Ideas, a linguistic model that helps people understand the introductory parts of Milton Model, reframing, swish pattern, anchoring, pattern interrupt, developing rapport and creating the structure for language patterns of influence.

Now, I didn’t learn NLP for just the information or for just NLP sake, I wanted to master communication and public speaking. I wanted to quadruple my ability to influence through it.  I also wanted to develop from it a concept and module that will help communicators become a lot more persuasive. And I did. In 2007, I created what I today call PERSUASION TECHNOLOGY. And in 2015, we introduced NLP and Persuasion Technology into our Public Speaking School curriculum.

Yet what I seek to do, in more recent times, is to teach it to leaders as a tool for personal mastery and corporate influence.

I have studied NLP for 12 years straight. My studies have even gotten me to study other tools in therapy that can help human behavioral change. And I believe that I have the experience to teach it to anyone. Here in the South-South of Nigeria, few people will be willing to pay as much as N200,000 for a 35 hour training on NLP. Not necessarily because they don’t have the resources but largely because they are not aware of the efficacy of the body of knowledge and so can’t appropriately place that much value on the subject. I know of colleagues in the South Western Part of Nigeria who charge that much and a sizeable number of people attend. What we seek to do, here in this region, and perhaps around the world, is to give people the opportunity to take free trial classes. An experience and the exposure to NLP will help people place value. That is my outcome.

Only recently, I have started teaching a few of mentees this subject monthly. These mentees of mine are leaders and I feel that this gift of knowledge will help them increase their influence. For now, for them, it is free. What I have done is to record the teachings so that mentees who are not within my space and sphere can also have a feel what I am giving out. To get some audio on NLP, SMS “NLP” to 08187133153 and I would get back to you. It will cost you something, though. Cheers.IMG-20180530-WA0028



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