32402292_10215716110403363_3250015857555800064_nI see not necessarily as it is but as I am
I see things in the light of my preconceived notions
I have a paradigm.
We all have a paradigm.

Who I am influences what I see, and don’t see.
Who I become broadens my perspective

I take off my glasses on occasions
I wear other people’s glasses on occasions
To see life from other people’s view.

This makes me balanced.
This makes me a leader.
Now I understand.
I can be empathic.
I can make informed decisions when it comes to men i interact with.

But again I return to my glasses.
I almost always do.

We almost always do.
Man , at the end, sees things for himself.
And will keep returning to that perception unless he broadens his horizon through development and exposure.


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