3 Levels Of Personal Mastery

27752086_10215016879763034_875160111587979104_nA leader must be able to affect people including yourself at different levels.

Personal Depth 1: Lead yourself at the moment. Change your state in the moment. From state of being tired, frustrated, worried, angry, sad to one who is energetic, creative, curious and persistent in a moment. He knows what to do. He knows how to break limiting patterns, change and shift his physiology and focus and get the immediate change that he needs

Personal Depth 2: A leader has the ability to change that state or situation and link it in such a way it puts him in such a great state.

Personal Depth 3: A leader knows how to create a model of the world where you don’t have issues. He understands how to reframe, deframe and preframe.27858941_10215017925229170_7364882196989150071_n


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