The Eye That Sees Business Opportunity


What is that singular edge that separates successful entrepreneurs from others? What is that thing they do or have that gives them the competitive edge and advantage? What is that thing that will separate you as startup or budding entrepreneur, that will give you the edge over others? The answer is : The eyes that sees opportunities. The secret or key, if you wish to call it that, is SEEING. There is this saying that eyes that merely look are common but that eyes that see are rare. Another way to consider this concept is to call it vision. But I am careful not to use that word because it has been overused; so overused that one may not fully grasp the intent of this article if I chose to.

Where others see thrash, these successful entrepreneurs see a place for a new industry. They see recycling opportunities; they see environmental cleaning services ; they see waste management businesses. Their brain is trained to see beyond what others merely look at. They see beyond the challenge, beyond the seeming dirty. They SEE gems in the mud

Where others see a mess ; they see a message. They see news coverage, media opportunity. They see a book, a story, a magazine, a publishing outfit. You say it is a scandal ; they say it is story – a Multimillion Naira story.

We live in a world where some people war and others make money from selling guns ; in a world where some complain about the snow and others make money from selling skiing equipment ; where people suffer from no electric power supply and others sell generators or solar panels

Some people see a test, these people see a testimonial. They see a challenge that can produce a champion, championship results and testimonials. They know that whatever the situation is, if they can turn it around, they can have customers trooping in and testifying.

Train your eyes to see opportunities. If you do that that will be the beginning of your entrepreneurial success. And if you are in business already, you will take your business to the next level.I know this very rich business man who often will tell me, “Have an eye for the money”. Initially, I didn’t understand what angle he was coming from. I thought that those words spoke of him as greedy. Now I know that he didn’t mean that in that light. Have an eye for the money simply was an idiomatic expression for ‘see where the business opportunity lies’.

There are opportunities everywhere. Even in the mundane, everyday activities we engage in there is money. One just to not just look but SEE. Now, for many years transportation business in Nigeria, especially local taxi transport business made huge money. Yet people were not seeing an new angle to it until UBER and TAXIFY merged transport business with the internet. The potential of transportation business has quadrupled as a result. Owners of UBER and TAXIFY don’t have a single vehicle but they have provided a solution, they have seen an opportunity and have exploited it. Their businesses are worth billions today. Same with the ecommerce space in Nigeria. You think of payporte, konga, jumia and many others.

Trust me there are still many opportunities in various industries that you can take advantage of. Just train your eyes and brain to see opportunities. Take nothing for granted. Ask yourself questions about everything you are doing. Ask about the environment that you are presently residing. What problems do they have? What solutions can you provide? Think solutions.

Reminds me of this undergraduate who realized that his street had trash/refuse everywhere. People just disposed their stuff on the sidewalks. He came up with a solution. He decided use his uncle’s old pickup and started disposing the refuse and trash. Then he asked his neighbours to give him a token to help them dispose their refuse which they gladly did. Soon the whole street and area wanted him to dispose their trash. Today, he has expanded the business to cleaning houses and companies. He has grown that small business into one that earns him quite some sum today.

That is the way to go in Africa. If we have problems in Africa then there is a clarion call, an opportunity for solution providers, for entrepreneurs.




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