LIVING A LIFE OF PURPOSEThe life of purpose is the purpose of life. As living beings created by God we should realize that there is a reason why we are alive. There is a reason we didn’t die yesterday. Can you take a moment and reflect on certain persons you knew last year who passed on? I mean people you knew and were probably close to ; can you think of someone? You are alive for a reason. You are not here to be categorized as the masses or to be a ‘wandering generality’ as Zig Ziglar would put it but to be a meaningful specific.

You are not accident. I know a pastor who would say rather humourously, “You are not an accidental discharge’. It really doesn’t matter the circumstances of your birth realize that you are here for a reason.


Your quest should be to find it and fulfil it. Dr. Myles Munroe of blessed memory would say, “When purpose is not understood, abuse is inevitable”. That statement is as true now as it was true then. You have to find purpose and live it. For many the question is how? How do I find my purpose? How do I find the reason for my existence? How do discover who I am or who I meant to be?

A number of books have been written in that regard. You could google and have a whole lot of information. Purpose could be referred to such names as mission or life mission, destiny, assignment, life goal, essence and so on.

I was privileged to speak to a number of young people last Sunday at Insight Bible Church, Uyo. Being a church boy myself, I went scriptural. We explored Scriptures to find out what it says about the subject. I ended saying: Prayer, Passion and People can help your pursuit and discovery of purpose.LIVING A LIFE OF PURPOSE2LIVING A LIFE OF PURPOSE 3



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