2005In 2005 as a Year 3 student of the University I put up my first event. It was a bold challenge. The hall could hold 200 persons and I was wondering if anyone would come and listen to this wannabe motivational speaker. The event is still edged in my memory. July 1, 2005.
As I stood before the over 200 students and lecturers who had come to listen to me, I knew in my heart there and then – this is what I was born to do. And yes that hall was filled to capacity.
It didn’t matter that the suit and shoes I wore were borrowed. It only mattered that I dared to venture, to adventure. It mattered that I began a process, that I dared to teach success on that platform even when I didn’t look any bit like a success. I was dark, glasses wearing and thin. The suit wore me. But there I was delighted that people had thronged in. There I was set to give the speech of my life. My virgin speech. The speech that initiated me.
There are a few dates I will never forget. They are my defining moments. First is February 3rd,1999 the day I heard Sam Adeyemi as a 17 year old teenager and decided to do what I presently do. And July 1,2005 the day I took my first bold step.
And need I also mention that the adventure has only begun.

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