Learn And Earn Ventures


26907959_10214856168825361_7779733198564551770_nAt Learn And Earn Ventures we are committed to continuous learning and improvement of the ways we do things. This company which I started some 10 years ago focuses on training, media and publishing. The first 5 years were actually trial and error. I raised our first N1 million in 2008 and put all of the money into pushing Learn And Earn Ventures. But a year later, the company was under. We were owing staff and indebted to the tune of N1.5 Million. It took 3 years to retweek our business model and business plan. We eventually pitched that plan and got capitalized with N10 Million. A year later our returns was over N30 million and we could diversify, especially into a bit of real estate, stocks and bonds.

Every time we have made any significant progress at Learn And Earn Ventures It has always been as a result of some new information we have been exposed to.

Today I learned how to use a video software that will help us serve more people, especially those outside our area. I got Aniekut Akpan, our Business Development Manager to also learn with me. Many thanks to Owo Anietie for the lessons. Something big brewing. I will keep you posted.


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