How my 2017 was like


I have mixed feelings about this year. Yet in all things I give thanks to God.

This year we ran seminars, a number of them, including breaking into the Lagos market and exploring possibilities in Ghana.

This year we  registered two foundations: PowerMinds Community and Blue-Sky development Foundation, the latter putting together TheGiveBack project a few days ago.

We launched a microfinance outfit that reaches out to market women and traders.

We launched L&E studios, the photography department, and public speaking for kids.

This year I had 2 close associates betray me, steal a company I created and carter away with millions. In later part of the year, I lost a very close relative to death and had an associate try to rip me off N600,000.

Mitchelle was born.
Learn And Earn Ventures flourished

Setting goals and trusting God to make them happen was the key. Everything – the good, the bad, the ugly- worked together for good.

How was your year?


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