When I was preparing for my wedding, I told my wife about my budget and I went on further to transfer the money to her account so that she managed the wedding ceremony resources. It was the most fantastic idea that I came up with. It kept everything in check. Women are fantastic managers of resources. It’s not wise to hide your income from your wife. She’d always think you have.

We didn’t try to impress anyone. We had no other wedding to compare ours with. Some of the things that saved us money was that we had no wedding train. Just me, my bestman, the pageboy and my wife, her maid of honour and the little girl .
I didn’t pay for a hall. I used an open air space. My wedding began by 3pm. I invited only 100 guests including family. I gave out no souvenirs or gifts. My company handled photography and video coverage. A friend did decorations. Another friend took the responsibility of the cake. I wasn’t trying to meet up to anyone’s standard. Though I must say that the pressure was much.
And I forgot to mention that I did an indoor traditional wedding. I thank God for my inlaws. They were very understanding and guided us through the process.
So here’s the point. I saved alot of money. The balance was enough to get Ufan a vehicle for her business after the wedding.
I owed no one. I had enough food in my house that could take us for at least the first six months. As a matter of fact, that was the first thing I did, stock my house first with food items before feeding the whole world at any wedding ceremony.
I could afford to do a very big wedding at that time but I refused to do that. We refused to impress society. We chose financial intelligence.
On the 17th of June I will be teaching on MONEY: Making it, Managing it and Multiplying it. To be part of it SMS “MONEY” to 08187133153 for seat reservations.

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