Ideas are more powerful than death. An idea can live longer than the brian that gave birth to it. You can kill a man but you cannot kill the idea he has disseminated. Only a superior idea in persuasion can kill an idea

The battle of earth is a battle of ideas. The real human weapon is not physical. Superior ideas rule the world. Even the battle of religion is the battle of ideas

The past is our education. The present is our information. The future is our contemplation

A business plan is not a business proposal. Business plans are usually for the idea-host. Business proposals are for the investors. When an idea is written down it is called a plan. An idea becomes a proposal when its intention is to convince investors

Passion persuades. When you begin to see your idea in your minds eye it’s called a vision. When passion joins the mix it is called a dream

A good idea should answer the money question. When a man of concrete ideas meets a man of money exchange occurs.

An action is a moving idea. Action births motion. People follow a moving idea. A moving idea inspires teamwork.

A challenge can birth an idea. Circumstances are the rulers of the weak but the instrument of the wise. When the wise fall they pick something up.

All things are created twice, first in the mind then in reality. There is no creation without conception. Every great enterprise begins with an idea


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