SavedPicture-201672725629.jpgI go to my office by 10am everyday. I’m not an early starter. I must be fully inspired and charged before I get to work. I listen to inspirational and industry specific audio recordings and watch some videos before I drive down to work.
My intensely busy day begins the moment I sit on my office chair. Sometimes I could sit there for 8 hours stretch!
I begin by making many calls. Calling clients, customers and business associates. I schedule important meetings for 10am or 11am.
If I am sitting for the day that means I am working on lecture notes, slides, business proposals or fine-tuning my concepts.
I usually could be doing a podcast at my private studio, having a conversation with our studio experts or visiting Jide the operator of the printing press that I am privileged to own.
Other times I am on a plane traveling for a speaking engagement or for some business meeting. My biggest businesses are usually outside of my state.
On Thursdays, I am on AKBC TV to share my thoughts on Life and Business. I have been doing that consistently for 9 years.
On Fridays, I’m preparing for my public speaking students. I have worked with some of these students for as long as 2 years.
My day could end by 6pm. Sometimes 7pm.
I never take work home. Never have. Never will. At home, I am watching TV and gisting with my beautiful wife.
I am a free man.
I determine my income. I have never earned a salary.I pay salaries. I have been doing that for more than 8 years.
I believe in owning things, in the ownership mentality. It’s okay to teach in a school but why not OWN the school? It’s okay to work in a bank but why not OWN the bank(At least a cooperative)? I know people ,especially those who are in paid employment, who literally hate me for my stand.
I have 9 registered organizations. 2 of them are NGOs. Of the remaining 7, 4 of them are fully operational.
I do what I love and love what I do.
I love my life, my work. Do you?

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