Fund Raising Strategies

fund raising

Some time in February, I decided to explore the Ghanaian business market and climate. I’m a man of ideas, and so I felt this particular idea would find better expression in Ghana. First, I needed to go to Ghana for a business survey and possibly test the waters. To do this, I had to raise N1.5 million.

The fact is that I raised it. We went with a team of six, did our survey and came back to Nigeria. Here is another fact: None of the said money was my money. I used a concept called OPM.

I learned about OPM in 1999 from a book and used it first in 2008 to raise my first N1 million. So Learn And Earn Ventures began with the initial capitalization of a N1 million.

In 2009, I learnt about the TTP and TTMP code from Les Brown. And so in 2013, I used that code and my knowledge of a certain concept called PERSUASION TECHNOLOGY to capitalize Learn And Earn Ventures with about N10 Million.

Now, I want to share this knowledge. I want to share this knowledge for free. As a startup entrepreneur you need to understand fund raising strategies. As a social entrepreneur you need this knowledge too.

So that is why JUNE EDITION of my mentorship program will focus on Money, especially how to raise money for your projects.

I’ll be joined by my senior friend and brother Mr. Aniekan Usoroh . He will focus on HOW TO RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR NGO(SOCIAL ENTERPRISE). I will focus on raising money for hard core business enterprises.

Our mentorship program can only accommodate 30 persons and is free. To be part of this program in June( Actually, the date is Saturday, June 17, 2017. Time: 3pm.) send SMS : MONEY to 08187133153.

I’ll upload the flyer and update you with more details soon.

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