I buy into the sentiments of the era. We should have a first American female president. The American Presidential election has become a touchy subject. An emotional one too. The women folk say they deserve the most powerful seat on earth. It’s like being queen of planet earth. Again the snag is are they ready for this? Some will argue that Hillary Clinton is. She has the experience. She’s a lawyer. She was once first lady for 8 years. Then she became senator of Chicago. Then she served as secretary of state during the first term of the Obama administration.

So the belief is that she can do it. During the Monica Lewinsky saga when her husband was almost impeached for sexual assault when he was president, she remained calm. She stayed married and didn’t do the divorce as is the common American way. As a matter of fact she’s still married to the dude. Whether she is happy in the marriage is another matter. Perhaps she saw today.

I love Hillary. Perhaps you do too. But can she hold the reins of power and become the force the likes of Kim Jong-un the beast of North Korea or Vladimir Putin the ironman of Russia will come to reckon with? …Eeeehm I doubt.

She’s too diplomatic. Democrats are of necessity diplomatic. And there’s the email issue. Do Americans really truly trust her? I think the polls will tell.

If Hillary wins this eventually, it will be a very close one. Donald Trump is a tough one. He has survived everything. He came back from bankruptcy in the 1990s and became a billionaire again. He has been contesting for the American presidency for God knows when. His no nonsense approach has brought him thus far. It helped him win the Republican nomination despite all the odds. Despite the establishment fighting vehemently against him. They have finally succumbed. Yesterday Ted Crux finally endorsed Trump. Who’d ever believe he would? Ben Carson had endorsed him eons ago.

He is set to win. The real thorough breed Americans want him. They may be silent but they believe what he says. Forget CNN. They are doing everything against Trump. But their approach is failing. Only today while watching them I could sense their fear. They have given Trump too much media attention. And for free.

China would rather have Hillary. She’s Lilly, they think. We will still have all those American jobs here in China. Trump is saying, “No More!”. And China knows he means it. Kim Jong-un is threatening to push the nuclear bomb button. But he knows Trump is the crazy guy who can push his too. Nope, he’d rather have a Hillary. She’s a woman. Women will always be women. Putin knows the only person that can match his tough talking word for word is Trump. Hillary is too nice. Just like our dear Obama. The Mexicans know there will be no more immigration violations. The walls are coming up. “Give us Hillary, please”. And of course, the terrorists know that tough screening will begin. Trump has a strong point there. America has to be safe again. America has to be feared again.

I would not miss the debate today for anything. I’m at my office at Learn And Earn Ventures but I will be watching. Waiting. My staff will have to go get me popcorn from Crunchies. History is about to be made and I am quite delighted that I am here to see it.


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