Hi. My name is George Essien.

I want to specially invite you for the INTERNET & FINANCE CONVENTION. For 4 days I’ll be shedding light on possible ways you can make money on the internet LEGITIMATELY. We will look at Fiverr, Upwork, Paidrockets,Jumia, Konga, OLX, ezine and many other legitimate money spinners online.

I’ll literally guide you with my hand and show you the way. You will need to come with your laptop or smart phone

Let me hint you on a secret: The internet never suffers recession. Billions are made on the internet daily. How do you cash in? Forget industrialization. We are now in the information age. Industrialization is archaic. It will keep people perpetually as wage slaves. The correct approach should be massive small business development, especially for those in the ICT.

The next generation of billionaires in Africa will be netpreneurs, people who do business online. Internet education, proper internet education, precedes Internet earnings.

In this 4 days convention I’ll be expository. I’ll teach you everything. How to take your business from offline to online, how to spot opportunities online, how to sieve genuine online businesses from illegitimate ones, how do digital marketing and social media effective engagements.

Second, beyond MAKING MONEY we will discuss financial management. From budgeting to basic accounting and Parkinson’s law. We will look at MANAGING MONEY, an area alot of people suffer ignorance from.

We will also teach you about what is called THE INVISIBLE PAY MASTER. How to actually MULTIPLY MONEY.You don’t want to miss it. For those outside Uyo, an online class on whatsapp will hold in the evening. See flyer for details.


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