The story actually started 6 years ago. Details too emotional to reveal. Forget the packaging, we all have issues.

First it was my academics. I overcame after some struggle. Then it was my finances.I had to battle poverty and crush it. Today I am not where I want to be financially but I very far away from where I used to be. I have 3 registered companies in three different locations where I pay rents and a number of staff that receive salaries from me, by the grace of God.

Then another challenge was marriage. It was my strongest battle. Painful too. Those pains inspired facebook series like SINGLE BUT NOT STUPID, ASK GEORGE ESSIEN and a book titled COMPATIBILITY TESTS BEFORE YOU SAY I DO.

Those pains and accompanying Facebook series made me a relationship counselor. I was giving counsel to thousands of people through social media but they didn’t know I was dying and suffering from my own issues.

Then a few years ago I met Ufan. I told her everything. She accepted me as the fragile George Essien, not the celebrity George Essien and we clicked.

Alot of folks thought I was married. It’s a long story. I’m sure you noticed I was silent about it. But now I can say categorically that after 6 years of that struggle and pain, it’s over.I have won. I am now married. Verified and certified. Married to my friend Imoh, the one I call Ufan.

For those who missed the wedding I’m sorry. I had to keep it very low key. I’ve told Ufan that I have a special gift for her before the end of the year in place of a so called ‘celebrity’ wedding.

Thanks for your support #IamGeorgeEssien


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