Friday July 1st, 2016 would remain memorable in the minds of the young leaders who attended PROJECT INFLUENCERS.

Project Influencers’ goal is to raise, train and certify 10,000 nation builders before year 2020. The two pillars of nation building are enterprise and leadership, two areas that PROJECT INFLUENCERS  seeks to focus on.

The speakers at the launch were right on point: From Murphy Ogbe who spoke on FROM THE LENS: NIGERIA AS I SEE IT to Christian Jumbo who spoke on SELF RELIANCE THROUGH ICT to Aniekan Ekah, CEO of WETINHAPPEN PR, who spoke on BLOGGING AND ITS IMPACT ON NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS AND NATION BUILDING.

Also present was Nigeria’s peak performance consultant George Essien who spoke on CERTAINTY AND LEADERSHIP. Usen James spoke on BEING BETTER FOR A BETTER NIGERIA. And the popular social media lawyer and activist, Ewongo Cleopas spoke about THE INJUSTICE OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN NIGERIA. There were other side attractions like cartoon interpretation of Nigeria by Anietie Owo, Success profiling by Emanuel Ned, Stephen Michael who spoke on TALENTS and much more.

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