There’s A Drop Of Leicester City Football Club In All Of Us! – by Michael Bush

lester41.0 Season 2015/2016 of the-opium-of-the-world football league has just been decided. No, sorry, it is not one of those perennial, usual suspects that emerged champions. Yes, Leicester City Football Club are the new rulers of English Premier League. Claudio Ranieri boys have completed their fairytale job; shaming bookmakers who, just before the first ball of the season was kicked, had written off and condemned the team to relegation.

2.0 Even more interesting is the fact that Jamie Vardy and Company won the league sans kicking a ball. With two more matches to go, their main challenger, Tottenham Hotspur, needed to beat hitherto outgoing Champions, Chelsea, at their own backyard on 2nd May, to slacken Leicester Lead and remain in contention. If football were a forty five minute or one half game, Spurs’ two goal lead at halftime would have achieved just that, and postponed Leicester Victory Dance by another week. However, in the second forty five, Chelsea came out smoking. When Referee Mark Clattenburg called it a day, the scores stood at 2-2. Meaning: Chelsea had won the league for Leicester!

3.0 As with the entire Leicester unlikeliest victory, there’s so much the global community can glean from the role of Chelsea in all of this. Apart from pride or bragging rights, which count for much in every sport though, Chelsea had nothing else to play for; yet against Spurs Captain John Terry and his colleagues rallied back as if the league was theirs to win. The two-in-one message here is: beware, never burn your bridges and secondly, never write off anyone. See, help can come from anyone!

4.0 Against Spurs, Chelsea did not play for Chelsea nor owner Roman Abramovich. Against Spurs, Chelsea played for, wait for it, Claudio Ranieri. It wasn’t voiced; well, apart from at least one fan in the crowd who displayed a banner about doing it for Ranieri. But, anyone who watched the second half wounded lionlike resurgence of Chelsea got a sense that this was more about their former Coach. If Manchester United go on to hire eternal Chelsea man, Jose Mourinho, as has been rumoured for months on end, this could be one of the typo-fringe benefits embedded for Old Trafford. It’s not rocket science to predict that at any convenient opportunity, Chelsea would play for the ex Special One. My point is: leave a mark behind always. It will speak for you someday!

5.0 Also, never underrate or antagonise people, because you’d need their help eventually. See how Chelsea helped Leicester. Plus: everything is possible in this world. Just as some fall from grace to grass, others can rise from nothing to something before the whistle goes; just like that. The world thought Leicester City would go on relegation but the club went 360-degrees opposite. And, they didn’t have to break the vault to bring in so-called top players, as all previous champions had done. Leicester fielded a team that had no known name at opening of season. Yet, nature backed them up all the way. Leicester won a natural victory, not the pyrrhic stuff most of their predecessors bought! And, nature SHALL back you up too. Nature SHALL stir up that leicesterity that has remained dormant in all of us. By the way, that new terminology means perseverance or persistence that pays off; excellence against all odds. You can and should be leicesterous from this day forward. Rise and shine for time and your light have come. If Leicester City could do it, you too can; even better. Congratulations Leicester City Football Club, the Champions of England. God bless EPL! …B

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