THE WORKPLACE AND YOU – by Victor Emmanuel


In recent times, the workplace has become a terror ground where bosses,colleagues and even subordinates threaten the peace of fellow colleagues all in the name of moving the organization forward.

But what is becoming more appalling is the terrorism from customers. Just because the parlance ‘customer is king’ has become the trending jargon from Managment, our ‘knowledgeable’ customers have decided to make the workplace a living hell by insisting on the impossible; most a time asking for things that conflict with the company’s policy, couching their demands with subtle threats to report to Managaement of being wrongly attended to despite all entreaties that an employee is incapacitated to oblige.

A word to such Management that discount the feelings and contributions of well meaning employees to an organization’s mission: your customers can never be more loyal than your employees.

Treat your employees as partners who have brains and deserve some respect!

True, the customer is king but even the King deserves to be told when he doesn’t have his robes on if seen walking round the palace naked!

My name is Victor Idem (ACIA) and I just want to make commonsense.

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