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Hi, my name is George Essien.

I teach Persuasion Technology. As a matter of fact I have taught persuasion technology in many parts of Nigeria for more than 7 years. Persuasion Technology can help you become a better leader and communicator. It has changed my life and can change yours too. I have taught this technology to sales people in a number of companies and they have seen their sales grow RAPIDLY!

Some private schools have allowed me teach this technology to their teachers. Once done, their teachers had better connections with their pupil and could work with even the most difficult students.

Persuasion Technology is a body of knowledge that helps users of this technology influence both themselves and others. It is a proven and tested technology.  Read what some people say about it:

“I first listened the PERSUASION TECHNOLOGY as presented by George Essien in Owerri sometime in 2014. It was new to me but it opened my eyes to working with my children. I have teenagers and this has been helpful” – Mrs Amaka (Owerri, Nigeria)

Persuasion Technology has helped me in my public speaking” – Mr. Ogwu(Kogi, Nigeria)

“What got my interest really was the concept of framing. I work as a sales representative for a radio station. My sales has gone up since I undertook the course” – Miss Mary (Uyo, Nigeria)

“George Essien makes words come alive and crawl at you. I guess it is because he is a persuasion technologist” – Mr. Philip (Entrepreneur)

“George has gotten me to pay half A million Naira for a one day training for my staff to undertake Persuasion Technology” – Mr. Joseph (DeMbarukas, a brands communication company)

“I learnt developing sensory acuity attending a seminar of Persuasion Technology. What I also found touching was the discourse on FINDING YOUR VOICE” – Mrs. Eunice (Radio Presenter)

“Two reasons made me attend the course on PERSUASION TECHNOLOGY. First I just got a job as medical doctor in a Medical Insurance organization. What that means is that I had to do a lot of public speaking. Second, I had to do a presentation to get a grant N10 Million. Truth is that I have become a better speaker and I did win that grant after undertaking the course” – Dr(Mrs) Chukwu.persuasion 4

Persuasion Technology is a hybrid of NeuroLinguistic Programming, ChemoLinguistic Programming, and NeuroAssociative Conditioning. In other words, it gets ideas from these established technologies and focuses it on how the leader, sales person, entrepreneur, presenter, public speaker, educationist and even parent can influence far better than they are already doing.

Persuasion Technology is more of an influence tool.

How can you become a better leader or a better parent? What can you say or do to develop a stronger rapport with people? Why do people behave the way they do? What are people’s targets, drive, needs? What are their maps? And how do you use this information as leverage  and get them to change.

Persuasion Technology explores the human mind, how it works, why it works, and when it works. It also looks out for processes that can activate its workings. It explores people’s models of the world, their blue print and paradigms; and emphasizes that a non-judgmental approach and non-labeling tactic can help the persuader develop the needed rapport with the subject that will eventually bring about the change one seeks.

It looks at how chemicals and biochemicals work in the human body. Powerful biochemicals like testosterone, progesterone, adrenaline, endorphin and the rest greatly influence our behavior. The persuader is taught how to activate these biochemicals in the body through ‘activational’ metaphors, Swiss pattern, touch anchors and physiological shifts.

Other subjects that PERSUASION TECHNOLOGY explores are:

EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS: Whether it’s public speaking or a one-on-one interaction, PERSUASION TECHNOLOGY shows you how to overcome glossophobia, the nervousness of the tongue(stage fright); the best ways to open a presentation; the numerous ways to break the ice and penetrate even the most difficult audience; Speech preparation and structuring; Audience Analysis through feedback templates ; speech mastery and eloquence ; grand closes that can guarantee your desired feedback, especially an ovation;  and many more.

FRAMING: It looks at the 3 kinds of framing: PreFraming, ReFraming and DeFraming as tools for personal and public persuasion.

MIRRORING:  A subject in dynamic and applied psychology that shows you how to quickly develop rapport and connections with any subject.

PATTERN INTERRUPTS: Persuasion Technology teaches you how to break limiting patterns in you and others. It shows you how to identify patterns, evaluate them, interrupt them, and even utilize certain patterns as leverage for influence and change. It also takes the persuader on a journey on how he can create certain patterns.

ANCHORING: How can one use this tool for influence? Persuasion Technology(PT) shows you how. It helps parents use anchors to get their children to behave positively.

USE OF METAPHORS: PT shows the persuader how to use stories as a tool of influence. It  helps you invent or use stories that will take anyone into a mental journey or trance and also shows you how to do indirect influence by getting the listener to find the answers in the stories that you share.

EMBEDDED COMMANDS: PT shows you how to use words, triggers. It explores the importance of words and how they are already influencing us. This part looks at the efficacy of words and the emotions and belief conveying capacity of words. It looks at language patterns(Meta-Model of Language and Milton-Model of Language)

DIFFERENT REPRESENTATIONAL SYSTEMS: People can be categorized into three.You  influence them when you understand their representational systems, that is their modalities and sub-modalities. There are basically 3 representational systems: The Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. PT looks at these systems of our representations. Representational systems (predicates and accessing cues)

MODELLING: Success leaves clues.PT teaches you what it means to effectively model anyone you want. PT believes in the presupposition that if you can model or copy a successful person you can achieve the same result that he has achieved. But PT shows you the entire process of modeling. It helps you develop the sensory acuity to identify patterns in the success you desire to emulate or model and then helps you calibrate and know when you are doing exactly what the model has done. Calibration (sensory experience).

What Modelling simply means is that if anyone has achieved anything, you too can achieve it, all you have to do is understand that person’s syntax or sequence of success. If you understand what he thinks about regularly, how he thinks, how he response or react to circumstances, the habits embedded in him, and the strategy that he employs to get result, you too can achieve the same result, even at a shorter period of time! In other words understanding modeling can get you to compress decades into days! PT shows you an observatory process that helps you accomplish modeling effectively.

TEAM BUILDING DYNAMICS: One truly becomes a persuader when his scale and depth of leadership is both wide and deep. The challenge of leadership begins with personal mastery. Once personal mastery is attained, group mastery isn’t as hard. PT teaches you how to create an ecosystem and culture that works for your team. It dissects the different kinds of team players, exposes the elements that make up a progressive ecosystem that can nourish any team and the elements that destroys it too. PT explores the roles of leadership in any team building dynamics and reveals how one can truly rate ones level of influence on the team.

These and many more are some of the areas that PT shows.

To find out more about PERSUASION TECHNOLOGY, send a mail to or call +2348187133153






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