How To Ask And Get What You Want

questionmarkThe close is the most important part of the selling template. You may have an amazing product or service, give a perfect presentation but if you do not know how and when to ask for the sale, you will not sell. It is the close that seals the deal.

The following are methods you can use to ask for a sale.

ASK SPECIFICALLY. Nothing is dynamic unless it is first specific. What EXACTLY do you want the customer to do? Do you want him to appreciate the product or service, consider the product or service, refer others to take a look at the product or sign the check. You should ask specifically.

ASK SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP OR BUY: Don’t waste your time on the down ladder people. They will waste your time. Target the big fish of the company. Look for the man who has the authority to buy, who can make large purchases or is at the center of influence.

ASK UNTIL. Rejection is part of the sales process. Get used to it. NO may sometimes mean that “I am not yet ready”. If one person says NO to you, go to the next person. Some persons may need to be exposed to your product or service at least five or six times before they say, YES. Learn to persist and be patient. Persistence is the iron steel of sales success. Also you realize that an objection to a sale is often an indication of interest.

ASK WITH FAITH: If you don’t expect people to buy from you, they won’t. Your faith will ooz out in your confidence, posture, poise and sales presentation.

CREATE VALUE FOR THE PERSON YOU ARE ASKING: For you to be interesting you must be interested. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. It was Jean De La Bruyere who once said, “The shortest and best way to make your fortune is to let people see clearly that it  is in their interest to promote yours”. That says it all.

Self interest is the lever that will move people. Once you make them see how you can in some way meet their needs or advance their cause, their resistance to your request will magically fall away.




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