The only other person that I have ever met that smiles like Anie is Iquo.
I met Iquo at a Mr. Biggs outlet in 2008. Her smile was so incredibly infectious.The way she related to all the customers at the counter, her affable disposition,the spring in her steps, her politeness had caught my attention.
I remember checking her badge. “Iquo, I like your smile. And I am sure you are an asset to Mr. Biggs”
“Thank you, Mr. George Essien
O so she knew my name. She knew me. That was interesting.
And so I visited that Mr. Biggs regularly, and when she was not serving, I asked about her.
I also noticed that I was generous in tipping her after she served me across the counter. Her courteous disposition was always the same. There was never a day that I saw her with a demure look or a furlong face.
Recently, I was driving past a street and I saw her. I had to stop.
“Hey, Iquo. It has been ages. Since Mr. Biggs folded up in 2012 here in Uyo, I have not seen you. Where have you been? And how are you doing?”
She smiled her infectious smile. “I am doing great now sir. I am now on my own. I have a small restaurant I am managing”
“Well,well. That is nice”, I returned the smile. “And I am sure your business is doing fine.”
“It is”
“Are you going my way?”
She wasn’t.
Through Iquo I have realized that my members of staff must have the right attitude. And I have searched for the Iquo prototype. Well, there have been a number of them who have tried but have not been anywhere close to Iquo.
But that is not until I met Anie!
She now works for me as a front desk administrator. You know, recently, I complained to hearing of everyone at the office. “Annie, why do you always smile? Don’t you have any troubles?”
We all broke out in laughter. She laughed too. And when we had all quietened , she just shrugged.
I have learnt something from Iquo and Annie. YOU DON’T TRAIN PEOPLE TO BE NICE; YOU HIRE NICE PEOPLE.
That has become my HR philosophy.
And personally, I make effort to deliberately smile. If not for me, but at least for someone else. They say that a smile speaks better than a sermon. Now I agree.
A smile will open doors for you. It gave Annie the job she now has with me. And I am sure that the people who visit my office have a good impression about our organization. Iquo’s business is doing well! Reminds me of this Chinese proverb that says: “He who cannot smile should not open shop”
A smile tells people that you are happy. Yeah, happiness. Happiness attracts happiness. When you smile happy people gravitate towards you.
How about putting a smile on your face today?

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