Running A Business In Nigeria

Nigeria business 1

Yes I have been quiet for a while. It is business o. *In the voice of a Nigerian business man*
My baby business.
Running a training outfit , studio and printing press in the last one year has been quite challenging but exciting.
I have had to place a demand on everything I have ever known.
You see, It is easy to hold the microphone and talk business. It is easy to claim that one is a business consultant from the podium. Unfortunately, I know a lot of speakers who claim to be business consultants yet know very little about business in practice. I can assure you that.
Until you actually run a business, everything you say or teach about business or entrepreneurship is only theory. Go and do business first, understand its dynamics and then you can really teach.
Some time ago, when I consulted for Planet Fm, a leading radio station in the South-south of Nigeria , I spoke from experience. My job was to get their sales people, staffers and OAPs to start getting sales results. The station needed more money from non-politicians. I have done business for a number of years in Uyo without depending on politicians and have achieved results. So my experience and navigation strategies came in handy.
When young people call me from all over the place(And I receive numerous calls from people who want to be motivational speakers and business trainers), I tell them to do business first. And If they don’t have capital, I tell them to sell products or do network marketing. For you to succeed in the business of speaking, you need credibility. And credibility comes from some level of experience. Credibility facilitates persuasion.
I know what it means to manage staff, what it means to inspire them, what it means to properly hire and immediately fire.
I know what it means to pay salaries and to also owe staff and not know where their salaries will come from. And I know what it means to place a demand on all my creativity and network to solve the problem.
I know the challenges of a serviced based business. I know why everyone who runs a service based business should also have a product he is pushing.
I know what it means to run generator for business and to get outrageous bills from PHCN when they haven’t supplied power.
I know what it means to work with machines, the unpredictability of a machine, the cost of maintenance and engineers who want to defraud you.
I know what it means to be rugged with tax collectors, both the local and Federal.
I know what it means to keep records and to develop accounting systems.
For me it is an exhilarating experience.
If you see a successful business man in Nigeria, give him thumps-up. He is resilient!
And even if you see a struggling one, give him thumps up too. The mere fact that he is still running the business is an indication that he has the temerity to eventually succeed.nigeia business 2

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