Becoming A Professional MC – by Joyce Daniels

joyce daniels.jpg

Becoming a pro Master of Ceremonies is not so much about the skills as it is about the traits that you possess as an individual.

Skills can be taught, but traits are about the person; the qualities that the individual possesses.

Having the right traits and adding skills to them will be a knockout anytime any day.

Being comfortable is very key if you’re going to stand out as a pro MC. You MUST feel confident. That way, your guest can also feel at ease during your time with them.

Remember that your audience feeds off your energy. So, if you’re like timid and shy, they get bored and unenthusiastic. If you’re vivacious, the whole place will be abuzz with fun, laughter and joy.

Between sadness and joy, I prefer joy. Satisfied clients are joyful clients. Joyful clients easily pull out their phones and do referrals.

So between being a wet blanket and happy bunny just like me, what’s your choice?

Pleaaaasseeee, choose the latter!


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