CORPORATE CULTURE 1For us to build global brands we must understand best practices. We must put our organization’s corporate culture and practices side by side with global brands. The reason is because there are no more boundaries. The world has become a global village and location is no more an issue. Playing on the local turf  is undermining our true potential. We can do more if we dare more. We can do more if understand the technologies of the 21st century and the global trends. Interestingly our organization can quadruple results both in impact and profit if we will take the time to study our corporate culture and accentuate of competitive edge and advantage using the technology, system and ideas available to us. That is the purpose of this workshop: to help you reinvent yourself, your brand, business, your church, your organization; to help you take an introspective look at what you are doing and not doing and to seek out creative, deliberate ways to effect change and experience transformation

CORPORATE CULTURE AND TARGET ACTUALIZATION workshop seeks to help entrepreneurs, pastors, leaders, principals and managers understand this new global dynamics. The following will be treated:
1. How to effectively drive your organization using the social media and internet
2. 12 Cultural practices of Effective Organizations
3. A marketing Model Guaranteed to Generate Results
4. The concept of Global branding & Brand Improvement Strategies
5. How to sell anything to anyone
6. The Pareto’s Principle Analyzed.
7. The HOTS acronym to for effective teamwork
8. Selling The Vision to members of the Organization
9. Broadening Scope for Eventual Diversification and Expansion
10. Competition Analysis.
These 5 areas will be taught, discussed in a 6 hour training by Nigeria’s leading Peak Performance Coach, George Essien.
The event will be interactive. Fee covers lunch and materials.

Details of payment on the handbill.

George Essien​ is a YOUWIN AWARDEE


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