Ok, we missed our flights for Uyo and Owerri from Abuja. I was with Jephter Akaehie at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja. We had been both guest speakers at the YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS SUMMIT at The International Conference Center in Abuja. After rescheduling the flights for the next day, we were thinking of what next to do till the following day when Jephter told me that our fellow professional speaker Emeka Nobis was putting together SPEAKING PROPS somewhere in Abuja. So we both chattered a taxi and went for the event. It was a really refreshing time. It was 5 hours of learning about the art and science of public speaking. I was also excited about the session on BUSINESS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING. Met interesting speakers too at the event too.

SPEAKING PROPS 2SPEAKING PROPS 3SPEAKING 5SPEAKING 6  I had the privilege of meeting Samuel Babatunde, who spoke on the psychological of speaking; Ekundayo Odele, the exciting lady who spoke on presentations. Ebuka, Kolokenneth Kadiri who spoke to us about SOCIAL MEDIA and the Public Speaker,Babs Lawale and of course the host Emeka Nobis others. It is very important to upgrade your knowledge base about your area of expertise or at the very least refresh yourself.emeka nobisSpeaking props 15SPEAKERS PROP 8SPEAKERS 11SPEAKER 12SPEAKER 14


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