BUS PREACHERSAside six of the northern states in Nigeria, I have traveled to all the states in Nigeria in the last 1 year for one engagement or the other, and most times I travel by road.

Have you noticed those ‘jobless’ individuals(No other description comes to mind) who wait for the bus to almost fill up before they rush and give their ‘fast food’ message?

Is there anything wrong with them preaching the gospel? Of course not. But these guys don’t preach the gospel. They rather preach a ‘cover-the-roads-with-the-blood-of-Jesus’ sermon or brief ‘blessing’ sermon and then demand for an offering.

There is not a single one of them who hasn’t failed to ask for a ‘seed’ to help his ministry after their rather disjointed sermon, if we should call it a sermon.

And people sympathetically give. Nigerians….they never seek to amaze me. Very religious bunch. Any religious form or shape is a hot selling product in this country. If you doubt me, start a church, add a bit of eloquence in your presentation. Better still, go and get some ‘prophetic eye opening water’ from Ghana or a ‘miracle ring or soap’ from India or any of their gurus and then see what happens. You will become the next ‘man of God’ that is anointed and that no man should touch. As matter of fact the fastest way to overcome the pangs of poverty in Nigeria is to open a ‘church shop’. A lot of folks ‘call’ themselves to embark on what is supposedly reserved exclusively for God’s candidate.

One wonders whether they(passengers)  give out of fear or for any other particular reason.

Only just recently I had to quickly rebuke one of these Bus Preachers.

See me see ‘Jesus’ o.

I had just ordered for recharge card through the bus’ window and was receiving my change when this preacher fellow had finished his rushed sermon.

He started to receive money from the gullible…and then looked at me and said,             “Brother, help the ministry of the Lord”.

I ignored him initially.

Apparently, he had sight on the N100 change that I had just received.

He said again, “Brother, the Lord needs….”

Almost as if I had to give him.His face contorted to a ‘it-is-time-to-receive-your-seed-so-YOU-can-be-blessed’ gesture

Fury overcame me as I said, “Which Lord? Is it the Lord who needs this money or you? Why have you decided to bring shame to Christ? Does the bible say you should collect  offering when you go to preach? Does he? And this message you preached, did you lead anyone to the Lord? Did you tell anyone about the salvation of the Lord? All you were doing was pleading the blood and sprinkling the blood of Jesus on our bad Nigerian roads.

“By the way who has given you the right to plead and shed the blood of Jesus? ONLY Jesus can do that…and as high priest he did that at the mercy seat of God 2000 years ago. Read Hebrews 9.  It was done once and for all for man’s redemption from sin. So which one have you been sprinkling? Please go and look for a job and do.”

You can only imagine . Silence engulfed the whole bus. Passengers turned to look at me. The man’s face was a mass of embarrassment.

Luckily for him, the driver got in, asked if any one was still owed change, and then zoomed off.

While some passengers began to rebuke me for speaking to a ‘man of God’ in that manner(as if I am a man of Satan), one pastor at the front seat said that he thanked  me for my boldness and went ahead to preach a fine sermon of salvation without asking for any offering.


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