The curse came on us when we found oil in Oloburi, Bayelsa in 1956. By 1971, General Gowon said on BBC that Nigeria had more money she could even spend.As at that time more than $600 million had been made from oil

We abandoned agriculture and embraced oil. We demolished the groundnut pyramids in the north, the cocoa plantations in the west and the palm oil in the east and south for Oil. We assumed it a blessing. And very well so, why not so? Oil was supposed to make us the richest nation in Africa, one of the richest in the world. But not so. Oil money is like blood money…it comes with greed. Oil redirected our politics.It changed everything. Even our civil war was an oil war. Imagine Biafra today with Akwa Ibom , Rivers, Bayelsa and Cross River as part of her states. These are the largest oil producing states in Nigeria presently.

Our corrupt politics today is simply as a result of oil money.People will maime,kill, rig elections for political power.Why? There is plenty money to steal. Plenty of money to embezzle. One governor’s brother recently celebrated his being worth N30 billion in a club. I can only imagine how much the governor is worth.

Believe or not the Abachas stole $400 billion in 5 years.Actually, that is the money that has been discovered.There are no records of the Babaginda loot or of all the leaders who ruled our dear nation.

I travel around the country for my speeches.The roads are bad.Everytime I fly I pray.Corruption and bribery has allowed flying coffins to operate.

Politicians move ghana-must-go everyday. Our country is so rich but so poor. No values. We can’t even tell a true Nigerian success story.All of them have been stained with oil. My speeches have more American examples than Nigerians.

These folks, for want of what to say, defer to God.’It is God’.It is God that has given them the appointment where they have stolen money. Their own bite of the national cake. They come to our churches, don’t they? They seat in the front pew.They are the blessed of God. They must pay their tithe, the pastor’s share of the oil money. So even our Nigerian churches are stained with oil.


With so much money, actually $16 trillion a year, we can’t fix our lights and our roads. We are still struggling to generate 6000 mega watts for the whole country. Empire State Building in USA generates that amount of megawatts. One building generates what a whole oil producing nation is struggling to generate.

Where is all our oil money? Swiss Banks and American banks have the them.Their cities are lited up with our oil money.


Has oil helped Nigerians? Young people ambitiously want to become politicians or want political appointments. The value of hard work has been thrown away.


only models are politicians. Shameless thieves with smirks.

Yet Our only hope will not just be leadership. Our hope is in leadership with a conscience.Only conscience can clean the oil stain. Only conscience can cure us of this oil curse.

Our hope is in Leadership that will create sustainable institutions. Leadership that will redirect our focus from oil, mineral resources to human resources. Singapore, India, China….even Ghana are good examples of redirected focus. From mineral development to extensive human development. For more wealth has been mined from men than from the ground.

Our hope is Leadership that will put on lights and build our roads. Power will help industry and make faster the wheel of economics

Our hope is in Leadership that will bring back the glory of our educational sector. We sent Ghanaians away and they took away our students because our schools have, over the years, become a shame.


God help usNIGERIA


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