There are many opportunities available to make some money from the 2014 world cup holding in Brazil.

In this short article…I reveal 3 proven ways you can also get a bite of this large cake.

Let’s first recap on the general ways to make cash online.
You need to sell a product or service that adds value to people…whether physical or digital.

So just think about what needs and services people will want during the world cup event.

Another thing.

People will be searching for all kinds of information around the world cup…you can provide them with this information.

You can create and position blog or website for this traffic.

Now here are the different business models you can use to make money from this great event.

1.Create A New Information Portal For The World Cup

You can buy a domain name like BrazilWorldCup2014.com ( something similar to what people are searching for)…and create an information portal for the world cup.

You can also create a dedicated site for stuff like …



You can get these ideas by just doing a search on Google so you can uncover what people are searching for related to the world cup.


2.You can even create a free BlogSpot blog on any of these ideas.

Then create an information portal discussing everything about the world cup.

You will get traffic and make money with Google adverts.

3.Sell Soccer And World Cup Related Souvenirs And Merchandise

There are so many soccer related souvenirs you can sell.

Stuff like T shirts, balls, vuvuzelas etc.

You can get these products to promote via Amazon.com and other merchants shops online.

4.Become An Affiliate For World Cup Streaming Services

There are many ways to watch the soccer games. Some people who don’t have access to TV will watch the games live using online streaming services.

If you register and become an affiliate of these services, you can make money.

Just Google Brazil world cup live streaming services affiliate programs.

There are just 4 ways you can make some money from the world cup happening in Brazil.

There are many more ideas …but these 3 will get your creative mind buzzing.


Go get started.


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