MONEY 1The lifeblood of any business venture is cash flow. At the end of the day, what makes your business profitable is your profit and loss balance sheet. Your financial details and account is the actual direction of your life and business.

As a business man, you must understand money: how she (I will tell you later why I call money a ‘she’) works. Money has a behavouir, a way and manner she behaves. Through out history, people have being studying her tendencies, her characteristics, and her propensities. The following are 5 behaviours of money you should not ignore.


Money comes to solution providers. When there is a need, there is an opportunity. Here is one of the greatest secret of wealth ever discovered: Find a need and Fill it. Where there are problems, there are opportunities for prosperity. That is why I often say that the best place to live is not America but Nigeria. We have a lot of problems here and so have a lot of opportunities.

John Haggai of Haggai Leadership Institute says, “Opportunities are cleverly disguised in problems” You see a dumpsite; a rich man sees a factory. Rich people see what others don’t see that is why they achieve what others don’t achieve. Others see things as they are; they see things as they can be. Some say a bottle is half empty; they say it is half full. Because of their optimistic mind-set, they are more apt to solve problems and see opportunities. So start looking around for problems and you will see money.

Don’t see what is; see what can be. All glory fades; seed is potential. Look for the seed.

Look for the seed of equivalent benefit in a problem. Become a solution provider.

See what value you can add to the market place and money will gravitate towards you.


While speaking a summit some time ago, I mentioned the fact that money is like a woman.

The audience grew calm, especially the ladies. They gave me a curious look that made me realized that I had to do some explaining. By the time I was done, however, the audience erupted in a laughter that showed that they understood and they gave me a standing ovation. This is what I told them. Money has ‘ears’.

It is a hearing thing like women are. She can hear you call at her; she can sense your desire for her.

She displays elusiveness. But if you can talk, if you can really talk you can earn her. He cannot speak cannot be rich.

Do a study yourself. Check out some of the richest people in your community.

You will notice that they can speak in such a way that money responds to them.

They can ‘woo’ money as they would ‘woo’ a woman.

They can sell, persuade and convince. Money hears them and follows them.

Using the common slang, money must be ‘shirked’ for ‘her’ to follow you.

Another feminine tendency is that money comes to handsome ideas.

Any idea that is not good enough will not get the attention of money.

An idea must be ‘handsome’ enough to be married to money. Vision attracts provision.

When money eventually comes into your life, she will shower you with such attention, you will be amazed.

Most wealthy people agree that there was that moment money so flowed in embarrassingly, they wondered where it had been all the while. Initially, they had tried to seduce her, but she seemed too elusive, she seemed too hard to convince. But now, having literally agreed, she rushes in, and her presence is so strong.

Money behaves like a slave girl, and I would tell you how. She comes to assist a working idea.

People who wait for money before they start up may never begin and may never also have her. Like a slave girl or house maid, money runs to assist the one who is working out his idea. When she comes in, most times, in unexpected moments, she apologizes and takes over. She cleans up the place and makes it beautiful.

She takes over. However, this ‘taking over’ can be negative, as we would see in the next fact about money. And that will be some other time in the part two of THE BEHAVIOUR OF MONEY.Cheers .


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