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On May13th 2014, I will be 32.

I give glory to God for life and my experiences on planet earth.

I found my life purpose on February 3rd and 4th,1999 when I was only 17 years old.

Since that time I have been fulfilling purpose and influencing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people ,through my various initiatives and projects

I have organized scores of seminars,conferences and workshops

I have  authored 5 books and published a magazine.

I have and still inspire millions of people through my radio and television programs in Uyo and Portharcourt.

I am the curator to a number of life changing blogs that have reached millions of people around the world.

I get calls practically everyday from all over the world: Now this is not an exaggeration.

Now, just Google TOP MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS IN NIGERIA and observe whose name comes out first.

Yes do it…and see for yourself.

Open the nairaland blog and see for yourself.

With my name seen first almost everyday I receive calls from people who want me to mentor them or want me to speak at their churches,conferences or nation.

Some of the life changing blogs  I personally manage include: MrMotivator 2

And many other blogs that have  influenced millions of people around the world

I have through these blogs  sold and made hundreds of thousands of Naira worth of products and services

As I become 32, I want to continue to support , help and influence and continue to educate.

I have decided to give out 32 books to just 320 people as my birthday offer. These  e-books have helped me personally and I have also sold them and made a lot of money.

These 32 people will have the reseller right to sell these information.

For those who are in Uyo, they will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one chat with me…. and also take a free lesson on videograpghy and editing from an expert friend of mine on the 19th of May,2014 at a fastfood restaurant hall in Uyo..

I will send details to those who qualify.

The interesting Thing is that you are just one information away from your next success. One idea can bring you untold fortune if you will buy them and use them.

Here are the following 32 e-books  and information products that I will give to the special 320 who will qualify

1. SPECIAL Tips On How To Travel Abroad without having Visa issues
2. How To Convert your book into an E-book.
3. How To Organize Successful Seminars
4. Tips on how to import free and cheap products from China.
5.  How to get university scholarship abroad
6.  How To get a UK Address here in Nigeria.
7.  How to Import anything from China, Singapore and America.
8.  How to make money selling Domain names
9.  Google ad-sense Magic.
10. How to create a blog
11. How To Monetize Your Blog.
12. How I made Almost 500,000 Naira from Facebook.
13. How To make Money Online.
14. 21 Ways To Make Money Online.
15. Free Short Messages Online.
16. How to make Money through The Short Code sms.
17. The Ultimate Sales Letter: How to write Convincing Articles online and make money.
18. Speech Power.
19. Public Speaking Techniques.
20. Beton Market Strategies.
21.250 per-day CPA Method.
22. How To Read Faster : Speed Reading Techniques.
23. The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding.
24. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing.
25. Marriage Manual.
26. 50 emails Of Nigerians: Potential Customers.
27. 3000 Nigerian Numbers.
28. Short Code Business: The Tricks
29. Web Hosting For Newbies.
30.300 Numbers of Hungry Internet Marketers in Port Harcourt.
31. 700 Numbers of Potential online customers in Uyo.
32. Salary is Addictive Book.


1. Quickly send BIRTHDAY GIFT  and your name, location and email to 08187133153. If outside the country,add +2348187133153.

2. Follow the subsequent instructions.

Once this has been done,I will personally call you and invite you for a time out with me on the 19th of May,2014 at an Eatery in Uyo. Now this of course is for those who can meet me in Uyo.

There is a time limit: 13th of May,2014 by 4pm.I will not attend to any other sms after then’ hopefully I should have received the 320 sms.

So….I am waiting for your sms.

Cheers.TV 5


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