Something interesting happened to me very recently. Some lady called me from Lagos and ordered for N17,000 worth of my ebooks. She paid into my account and the info product was sent to her.

It was N17,OOO Cool cash! I asked why she was buying such amount and she told me that one of her friends, a guy, had bought the exact same product and had made almost N300,000 in one month from using the product.

I asked why her friend didn’t give her the product for free
Her response startled me. She said that her friend raised the price. So products that I sold for that friend of hers for N17,000, he wanted to sell it to her at N50,000 !

N50,000? Some how she got wind that it was me who sold the info products and contacted me.

The question now is what will make this person so hungrily invest N17,000 to get my e-books and info product?

Want to know? The truth is that the ebooks are info products that send money into my accounts. I have sold several thousands of Naira worth of this info products.

This Easter season, knowing that the product had helped someone get N300,000 in one month and that someone else was hungrily investing N17,000, I said to myself why not give 50 of my friends the info-product for a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT.

Here are the content of the ebooks

1. How to have a US address
2. How to buy products cheap from abroad
3. 21 ways to make money Online.
4. How to create a blog.
5. Making a lot of money from Google adsense
6. Web hosting and Money making secrets
7. How to make money on face book
9. Slides on How to Import things from China and USA
10. Public Speaking secrets.
11. Speech Power.
12. 21 Immutable Laws of Branding.
13. How To Make Money from Short Code sms.
14. Blog Set-up guide
15. Getting scholarships From foreign Universities
16. Web Hosting For Newbies
17. Blog Set-up Guide.

The information in these books can really help you start making money very quickly. Now this is the next big thing! You will have resellers right.

I will NOT sell it at the N50,000. Like the way that guy wanted to sell it to my customer

I will NOT sell it at  N17,000.

Let this be an Easter Offer to you.

No, not at N10,000

Not N5,000

For the Easter’s sake, I will give it at a ridiculous amount of N2,500 – AND GUESS  WHAT? WITH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Here are my conditions:

You will have to do it between Thursday 17th April to Tuesday 22nd April, 2014 .This offer ends by 4pm on Tuesday,22nd April,2014. By that the price will return back to its original price.

Now, people who have bought SPEECH POWER know that they pay N5000 for that single ebook.I have sold more than 200 ebooks of that alone. But I have added it to the entire collection.

This is an offer you should not deliberate on but grab as fast as possible.

If you are interested, make payments to

Once the payment has been done, send teller number and email to 08187133153. Or you could do an internet transfer into the same account. Make sure you inform me once you do.

If you are outside the country and you are interested, you could call me on +2348187133153

You will receive the products as soon as payment is confirmed

What are you waiting for?

Take action now!

Remember, you have Money Back Guarantee.

All the best.MAKE MONEY ONLINE 2


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