george 2 CONFERENCE OF ORATORS, PORT HARCOURT was a huge success! Your city could be next. Owerri is next online this June. The vision of CONFERENCE OF ORATORS is to raise the next generation of  and leaders who use their well trained speaking ability to influence their society positively. It is also an opportunity for speakers to network, share ideas and be exposed to developmental materials and programs. Since 2009, Nigeria’s number speech expert and persuasion technologist George Essien has been raising and training hundreds of speakers: pastors,teachers, MCs, motivational speakers, radio and television presenters, politicians,sales executives and CEOs on how they can develop their speaking skill and use it as a tool for positive influence. He has worked in partnership with individuals, organizations and churches in order to get this done. In the first quarter of 2014,CONFERENCE OF ORATORS, UYO was  put together and only recently at the Institute of Strategic Management hall, CONFERENCE OF ORATORS, PORT HARCOURT was successfully held. The event is usually restricted to SPEAKERS who register their interest to be part the Conference. If you think the vision should spread to your area, send us a mail, 1



  1. I like to know the venue of owerri conference. Am into public speaking, looking forward to interact fellow colleague

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