powermindsThe Conference Of Orators train moves to Owerri in June. It was in Uyo in February and then moved to Port Harcourt in April.

If you are a politician, business executive, sales representative, Mc, radio or television presenter, motivational or inspirational speaker or pastor living in Owerri, make sure that you are part of the Conference.

Amazing speakers like Emeka Nobis, John Okoye and George Essien will be at the event.

CONFERENCE OF ORATORS would be an opportunity for speakers to network and be exposed to developmental george 1 and programs. It is also a platform for Made Speakers to mentor and grow upcoming speakers

Our focus will be on the MECHANICS AND THE DYNAMICS OF PERSUASION. Come and learn how to become a massive influence in your society.

Do you know that your words can carry more impact than it presently has?

Do you know that the most important skill a leader needs to have is Communication?


Do you know that you too can be quoted?

Do you know that you cannot do well in business unless you know persuasion and negotiation skills – both communication skills?

Do you know that you can outsell your competition  in business using Persuasion Technology?

How so? To be part of this conference, follow instruction on the flyer.


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