NIGERIAWhen Nigerians loot money, they keep it in Switzerland.

When they fall  sick, they go to Germany.

When they want to invest, they go to America.

When they want to  buy Mansions, they visit London. One just needs to go London to notice what we are talking about. Nigerians are reputed in Europe to pay in cash for most of the things they buy. They are wary about credit cards.

When they want to  shop they go to Dubai. Is it interesting to note that in 1978, some Government emisaries in Dubai, UAE came to Nigeria to get a loan from the Nigeria Government but were denied. That was the era when Nigeria had started enjoying massive oil boom. The then president of Nigeria scoffed at them and asked,”Can anything come out of a sand?”. Fast forward, 30 years later and look at the two nations. Nigeria, even though it has made trillions of Dollars from her sales of oil, it is still suffering as a third world nation. Nigerians even take delight in visiting Dubai for shopping!

When on holidays, Nigerians visit Paris or Bahamas.

When educating their children, they select Europe or these days Ghana.

When they want to pray, they go to Saudi Arabia or Jerusalem.

BUT,when they DIE, they all want to be BURIED in NIGERIA.

Abeg help me ask them, NIGERIA NA CEMETERY?nigeria


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