Man looking at his girlfriend having a headache sitting at a tab Who says men don’t cry? I sat down on the corridor of my 3 bedroom flat sobbing uncontrollably like a baby.I had loved much, given much, worked it hard much. But it had still failed. This is the one I had called the most beautiful girl in the world. Now, she had to leave.She told me it was over.

Today, I have come to believe that what is not yours is not yours no matter how hard you try.

This break up tore into my soul.
Have you had that kind of experience before?

O I did everything to see that I could to mend that relationship. I knelt down to beg her. I called and called again and again. Told her that I would be whatever she wanted me to be….and all that.

Today, I look back at those days and laugh at how I so behaved. How could…

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