Business Partners Helping Each OtherA Chinese proverb says: “A conversation across the table is worth more than a months study of books.” Books are good, mentors are better. Mentors can make books clearer.

Never outgrow mentor-ship. Somebody knows better than you. Somebody has done it before. Somebody out there is willing to help you if you ask.

Mentors choose. Mentees pursue.

Your mentor is not your friend. Your friend loves you the way you are. A mentor loves you too much to leave you the way you are. And I should add: If they choose you. Mentorship is an intentional , conscious agreement between two individuals.

A mentor is not a coach. A coach doesn’t necessarily have your kind of talent but has the ability to bring out the best in you. The best soccer coaches weren’t necessarily the best footballers. The best choir masters aren’t necessarily the best singers. A mentor, however, has your kind of talent and ability in a developed state and can also bring out the best in you.

A mentor can be your role-model, but a role model isn’t necessarily a mentor. Both have your kind of talent and ability in developed states. The difference, however, is that a mentor has a relationship with you, but a role model is too far away to have. The possibly only way to connect to this role-models is through their books,CDs, Conferences. Your relationship with role-models is not that intimate.

You can have all three(Mentors, Role-models and Coaches) as guides.

To pick a mentor, make sure that he has a tested character over time. Make sure that he is consistent with his purpose and vision. The mentor you are considering must have demonstrated wisdom,knowledge and understanding of comprehensive nature of life. He must have also managed failure and success effectively and displayed a spirit of humility and candor.

Also, it is your responsibility to pursue your mentor and hope that he chooses you. Mentoring has more to do with association than mere instruction.

You see, mentors will speed up your learning and help you gain proficiency. Mentors can also recommend you or introduce you. Recommendation may just be what you need for your next level.

You need mentors in your spiritual life, financial life, your career, business, even your relationships. Look for one. All the best.

All the best.


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