goals 1The life best lived is a life by design, not a life by accident. Success is not accidental, it is intentional. Stagnation is a choice; progress is deliberate.

The future does not get better by hope. It gets better by plan. Brian Tracy is right: “Hope is a very poor strategy for success”.

Have a list of goals. write them down. Don’t just think about them, document them. Writing is creation. The first time your goals have an opportunity to enter the physical realm is when you write them down. That is when they have the opportunity to translate from virtual to actual; from mind to hand.

Have economic goals, personal goals, personal development goals, health goals, spiritual goals and personal effect goals. Here is another important point. Goals are like a magnet. They pull! Goals pull you towards their reality. They are written thoughts that attract things, their equivalents.

Another thought: Goals pull you through circumstances, through challenges, through disasters, especially if they are strong,compelling goals.

Here is a question you should ask yourself: “What EXACTLY do you want in life?” Be EXACT about it. Nothing is dynamic unless it is first specific. Don’t just want to be great, that’s vague, how great? In what area? When? What will be your measurement to determine whether you are truly great or not?

Don’t forget this: The stronger your REASONS the stronger your goals. Strong reasons give your goals a stronger pull. It activates your determination. It increases your staying power. WHY is more important than WHERE. Get your WHY sorted out first and you will get there. WHY do you want to be millionaire? WHY do you want to have an interview on CNN? WHY do you want to publish your book? Think about your WHY. Gather strong enough reasons to go for that goal. Make it compelling and you would succeed.goals 2

Here is a good suggestion: “Set a goal to be a millionaire for WHAT it will make of you to become it”, Jim Rohn once said. Read that line again. Brood on it. What is more important is WHO YOU BECOME, not necessarily WHAT YOU ACHIEVE for setting that goal.

Alot has been written about goals. I don’t want to repeat. After a compelling reason, GO FOR YOUR GOALS.Pursue until you achieve. Try and try again. Change strategy, methods,readjust your plans…but keep working on your goals until you succeed. All the best.


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