Happy-Valentines-Day-300x187A number of people have asked me whether I believe in Valentine. Here is my answer to them: I do. Saint Valentine was a pastor martyred by Caesar in 269 AD for defending marriage against a Roman government decree.

I believe in romance. I believe in love. I believe that people deserve that happiness only love can provide. I believe that nothing is as beautiful as meeting someone, growing in love with that person, and celebrating that love, especially on Valentine’s day.

So on the 14th of February, I had to dash in from Portharcourt to Uyo to be with the person I love, to share the moment and to celebrate our love.I had spent half the day busying myself in Portharcourt now I prayed the vehicle would double up. Didn’t want my love to be upset.

At last we saw, exchanged smiles and sweets. I love sweets, by the way. Then we sat on a pavement in an open field and exchanged jokes and moments and ideas.We talked about our love, about the future, about the challenges and the opportunities. We talked about people and what they mean to us and evaluated whether we have given sufficient love to them.

My valentine day was great, especially with the one I call “Ufan”. How was yours?


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