MrMotivator 2
2014 is a puzzle. There are pieces of the 2014 puzzle  that will strenghten your Certainty for success in 2014 if you understand them. Let us talk about CERTAINTY.

When two people meet, it is the person WHO IS MOST CERTAIN that influences the other.One of my most favourite sayings is: When a man of concrete ideas meets a man of MONEY, exchange invariably occurs.

How certain are you about that project, that idea, that business in 2014?

Certainty influences!

Certainty is a product of Conviction.Conviction convinces.

Certainty stems from thorough knowledge, thorough analysis, experience or expertise.

Uncertainty stems from ignorance, being in the dark or no thorough knowledge.They say, ‘What you KNOW will give you an EDGE

You need to be CERTAIN to succeed in 2014
To do that:

(1) ASK QUESTIONS.Always ask questions.The kind of questions you ask determines the kind of responses you will receive from Life.

Life is a search engine.

If you seek, you will find. The only way you can receive is to ask. Ask questions like: WHY? WHY NOT? WHY NOT ME? WHY NOT NOW?

(2)CLARIFY ISSUES.Never jump to conclusions.Verify.Double check.Think before you act. There will be 2 kinds of failures in 2014(1)Those who thought and never did in 2014 , and (2) Those who did and never thought in 2014.

(3)GET THE BACKING OF THE EXPERTS AND AUTHORITIES.Get endorsements from people who matter in your field.This gives you credibility.This also makes you certain.

(4)STUDY SUCCESSFUL AGGRESSIVELY.Successful people leaves clues. Read biographies of great men.History is littered with secrets of success.But they are hidden in books.Make a goal read books this year.

(5)COPY SUCCESS.Success is REPLICABLE. If some one has done ANYTHING, it is an indication that you too can. JUST LEARN IS METHODS. APPLY THEM. ADOPT HIS BELIEF SYSTEM.

And VIOLA! you will certainly SUCCEED!



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