woman 2
Room 101 became a regular for both of them.

In fellowship, Debo and Tonia put up a successful act.Nobody knew what was going on. No, not even close friends of Debo.Or so they thought.He would send sms to Tonia on Sunday evenings after fellowship,”101″; and his partner in crime would understand.

On this particular night, after their rounds of the unholy act, by 1 am, Debo heard a bang on the door of room 101.He sprang up from the bed, got out of the bed spread sheet and listened. Who was banging the door? Was it the guest house attendant? What did the person want at this time of the morning? There was another bang on the door. This time it was louder.Scared, Debo got up from the bed. He turned to look at Tonia. She was still tucked under the sheet, all culled up, with a don’t-disturb-me sleepy face, and a soft snore under her breath.

The person banged a third time.This time it seemed that he had used his body’s weight to hit at the door.

“Who is that?” Debo asked loudly, mustering all the courage he could gather.

No answer came.

Another bang.

This time it seemed that the intruder had put more force on the door with his body weight, for Debo heard a crack. He quickly got into his boxers and moved towards Tonia. She hadn’t woken up yet. Why so? He shook her.

“Tonia, wake up”.

No response.

The heavy bang again. “I said w-who is that?” Debo’s tone went up higher.

The door gave way, and a bulky , heavily built man stepped into the dark room

The silhouette dashed towards him, and the words, “Jesus!” escaped his lips.Yet something deep within asked him whether he really thought he would be saved by Jesus in a hotel.

“Jesusssssssssss!” he cried again.

It seemed the man was carrying a heavy object ready to strike him on his head.

He woke up

It was but a dream. Beads of perspiration had broken out from his forehead. Yes, he was still in room 101. Yes, Tonia was tucked under the bed sheet, all culled up, with a soft snore under her breath. He put on the light of his phone, and the time read 1 am. He got out of the bed, got into his boxers and went towards the door. He put his ear by the door, his frame bent at an angle. He could hear movement.Or was his mind playing games on him?

“Debo, what’s wrong?” Those words came from Tonia. She too had woken up.”Why are you awake?”

“I have a premonition that we are not safe here”, Debo answered

“A premonition?” Tonia continued to ask. “So what do you suggest we do?”



“Yes, leave this place as soon as possible.”

“At this time of the night?Debo, do you know what the time is? It is 1am. Come on, Debo. Don’t be a scary rabbit. Come back to bed.By 5 am we would be out here.”

Tonia had her way with words. Some how, her words had reassured him. He stood for a while, took in breaths of confide, and walked towards the bed. Then suddenly he stopped again ,dead in his track.

“What?” Tonia asked.

“I just heard foot steps by our door”


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